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New Mexico is  

Before the United States was even a Nation, before Manifest Destiny sparked across the Americas, the footprints of the beautiful Native people covered the Southwest.  When history unfolded, the United States Government eventually drew lines around our Navajo lands, and my family found themselves in a place called New Mexico.  My name is Karen E. Bedonie and I am a member of the Dineh people, my people - the Navajo Nation Tribe.  I was born on the Navajo reservation.  I have grown up to marry the love of my life and we established a home for our eight (8) children within the sacred Chuska Mountains of Mexican Springs, Northern New Mexico.  We make our livelihood as small business owners of New Mexico in the counties of San Juan & McKinley and the Navajo Nation.  I am Tó’áhaní - Near-To-Water Clan just as my mother is and her mother, her mother before her.  I was born for the Hashk’aa hadzohí -  Yucca Fruit-Strung-Out-In-A-Line Clan.  My late maternal beloved grandfather is Tó’aheedliinii - Water-Flows-Together Clan.  My late paternal beloved grandfather is Ashiihi - Salt Clan.  As recognized by the United States and the Navajo Nation, I am a full 4/4 Native American.  I am a Conservative and those same values miraculously align with Navajo culture.  Therefore, I stand as a Republican.  My education has taught me that our Long Walk into assimilation must be met with acceptance to live proudly as a Navajo and also as an American.  In my home, I am a humble Dineh woman with responsibilities of a female being.  With immense prayer and belief, our lives are solidified as a strong Native family.  


I am also an AMERICAN and when my feet step outside my front door, I am a Patriot chasing that American Dream just as freely as anyone else chooses.  I fear no man and when I see Old Glory in the wind, my heart knows that we are all equal and this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have come a long way to stand together as Americans.  When it comes to protecting America, we can't depend on others to do it for us, those who have ultimately driven our government into shambles. Therefore, my name is Karen Bedonie and I am here to help SAVE our America from Socialism & Communism, protect our rights and fly our colors as freely and proudly as intended with the strength of a Navajo woman and the heart of a Patriot and I shall lay my arms down never again. 

Becoming an entrepreneur was the only weapon we found to fight Socialism.  Finding the true meaning of Self-Reliance is crucial.  In my many years of work, I was a certified welder, a framer, construction coordinator, construction manager, kitchen interior designer and a sous chef.  Along with my husband we now own four businesses.  

This is my home, my Painted New Mexico

Self Identity ensures that we always remember what we are fighting for.  From the fireplace of our beginning to our children... We must keep America ready for the next generations, just as we have always done. 

Paul W. Arviso, Sr. - The toughest Native cowboy I have ever known, my GrandCheii.  He prayed for our salvation, he prayed for our people to grow and take our places among leaders to represent our needs and wants, among the best.  I don't know if this is what he intended, but the American Flag he kept in his gourd box is now in my gourd box.  His songs in my mind and his love in my heart.  In God, Almighty he trusted and may we never falter in his name. Amen.  

This is me, a simple hardworking mother of eight, dedicated wife, businesswoman  and a praying woman.  

I sure would like to meet and talk over coffee with as many New Mexicans as I can.  As I start to move my campaign forward, know, I'm not going to follow the political recipe or word vomit half-cocked promises to win as many votes.  I am simply going to bootstrap this 2020 election, put forth a good genuine patriotic effort and put a boot heel up Socialistic/Communistic rear.  


I also would very much like to meet Elizabeth Warren and tell her, "No, I do not forgive you."  I would also like to meet Bernie and tell him, "It's over, no one can endure what you are selling."  I would like to tell my Native sister Deb Haaland, "You should know better."


I would also love to meet my President Donald J. Trump whom I voted for in 2016. The bloody battle our President deals with day in and day out has driven me to want to stand up to save America too.


I am simply an American.

I love the American Flag. 

I love the Constitution.  

I love my Freedom.

I love my Country.

I love my State. 

I love my New Mexican people.

I love my Native people.

And, I do LOVE my green chili.  

May God bless this great Nation... Aho'


New Mexico

My father and my siblings

NM CD-3 Requires One Of Our Own

Congressional District 3 across New Mexico is beautifully rural and very underrepresented.  I have never met Ben Lujan who has served as our representative for years (I hear he is a short little guy). In the last State race, I was asked to speak at a Michelle Lujan Grisham campaign rally as a Navajo owned business owner.  It was also our Navajo Nation Presidential Election, so our Navajo candidates were present as well.  I ultimately gave my speech and never even slightly endorsed Grisham nor the Democratic Party.  I spoke on the battles of Small Business ownership in NM & on the Navajo reservation.  I presented my research that identified the demise of our struggle.  The speech went well, and the people in those seats jumped to their feet clapping and praising my words, however, all my communications were Republican answers.  Grisham hugged me and thanked me for my words, however, my words were Patriotic and Conservative. Then, and only then, I truly understood that the Democratic party is like jelly.  They move without direction, therefore they can not lead me.  As I looked around for a leader to follow, I found I was the only one in the room who truly understood.  I left deflated and disappointed because they were supposed to be the best of the best of NM.  

I am here to stand against identity politics, my skin is not for sale and the Squad shall never speak for me.  Trump is my President.  I have researched his life and his past to understand and disprove the projected perverted notion that he could ever be a white racist, for I only see his clear works in the character of his children and the Executive Orders of his signing. Our Country is in damage control and we need to unite to begin repairs and healing.  One thing is for certain, I will need to be thick-skinned to deal with the media and also the relentless attacks of the misled and the misinformed.  I pray God continues to walk with me as I seek the good, endure the bad and conquer the evil."

-Karen E. Bedonie 2019

( Balzac)

Fun Fact 01.

Jesus Arviso

Jesus Arviso was one of the interpreters of the 1868 Navajo Treaty and the United States.  It is told by our family that Jesus spoke the Navajo words and translated them into Spanish for the United States interpreter who translated the Spanish words to English.  They were able to communicate the needs and the wants of the Navajo people that eventually allowed my people to return to our homeland.  Jesus is regarded as a hero to our tribe, for he was an adopted being into our tribe and took a Navajo wife.  This is my beloved GrandCheii's great-great grandfather.    






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