Navajo Reservation

Navajo Rural Office

4 Miles E. of Navajo, ND-14

Navajo, NM 87328


Asdzáán Tó’áhaní




The great miracle of life is how the human body can grow a beautiful life within.  The understanding of choice is a choice of contraceptive action(s).  There are intelligent avenues to prevent pregnancy and also ones to remedy cases of unwanted forced conceptions as well.  If beyond responsible means to handle conception and there comes a heartbeat, I do not believe in abortion.  

I believe if we think purely and only of the child, abortion would become a dark practice of the past.  The act of abortion impacts the mind and the well-being of the woman and the willing father.  Abortion is a radical act that should not be placed on the shoulders of taxpayers, ever.

And we should not be funding those who engage in abortive means like Planned Parenthood, regardless of their side hustles. 

2nd Amendment

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." -  Amendment II Constitution of the United States of America 

I believe every free American has the right to protect what is theirs; their homes, their possessions, their property, their children, and their person.

The beginning of the regulation of arms is the beginning of the end.  It's the prequel to the end of true Freedom.  Red Flag Laws are the means to control the People with fear.  As Americans,  when the Government tells you "You do not need a gun."  Well, "You need a gun." - Native American Saying

Being a woman, a mother of five daughters, a sister of MISSING & MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN, a sister to victims of rape, witnessing violent harassment and criminal acts of terror over the meek, I believe in the 2nd Amendment so dearly, that I will fight to keep it untouched and unaltered as solidified on our Constitution of the United States of America. 

And, by the 2nd Amendment, there shall never be another Long Walk ever again.  Amen.



The Little Guy

The small businesses of America make our economy turn.  Small businesses employ the largest percentage of our nation and therefore we pay the most in taxes.  Small businesses are not the rich 1%.  They are the suppress/oppressed larger percentage.  America needs small businesses to flourish for it is the people that will save America.  From the farmer to the contractor to the weaver to the artists to the butcher to the alfalfa fields to the mechanic to the seamstresses and to the shop keepers alike, we shall not be forgotten any longer.  Taxation on every level: Federal, State, County, City and/or the reservation, shipping product tax, homeownership tax, commercial permit tax, etc. etc.  It's all too much for any small business and any hardworking American.  Taxation to pay for federal and state legislations and the many social programs are massive responsibilities put upon the working class.  We need to lighten the load.  Further, a higher minimum wage will definitely put many businesses out of business, creating an upheaval of all prices to meet the minimum wage increase will sky rocket the cost of living.  The ones who stand for self-reliance and independence have become the bearers of the "freebie" system for all.   I support small businesses and our middle class across New Mexico and we need an intervention.  

Legal Immigration

Immigration in a LEGAL organized manner. This is how migration should be carried out. Even in our Native Dineh culture, we must do all things in a good way. A safe, organized and healthy way for everyone involved.  

Open borders overwhelm our southern communities and impact our health, safety, and economics. 

Open borders tip the scale of services onto the hard-working American.  Open borders welcomes free flow of drugs and illegal goods.  We must preserve our communities and our Indian nations from the overwhelming illegal immigration.  Our southern districts are not equipped to handle this burden on their own and for the Democrats to demand them to do so is amazingly unfair to American health, the resources of the communities and the tax payers of our state and Nation.  

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Oral History, Navajo Long Walk of 1868

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